Mirrorless v DSLR

I don’t often proffer an opinion on camera choice. I’ve always said (and I’m sure someone beat me to it), the best camera is the one in your hand.

When people on my masterclasses ask me what they should buy, which they often do, I suggest going into a camera shop, looking at those in budget, and buying the one which feels right when you hold it. Being a bit of a petrol head, I could list dozens of criteria for the ideal car, but I would still tell someone to sit in lots of cars, and buy the one which feels right. Second-hand, of course…

However… I have for some time been using a Sony Alpha A7 mirrorless/CSC camera, with the kit 28-70 lens and a Sigma 24mm wide angle (lovely and sharp).

I have just sold it and bought a pretty basic Canon 750D and kit lenses. Why?

The Sony has by far the best kit lens I have come across, and the image quality is very good. Low light is pretty good too, which is important to me.

BUT…the battery life is awful (<2 hours at the zoo!), the sensor sucks up dust better than my GTech.

Mostly though, I have found that these mirrorless cameras just aren’t reliable enough. It’s like driving an old school automatic car (I use a lot of motoring analogies when teaching photography). You put your foot down, even in a mighty Aston Martin DB9, and wait for things to happen.

No, and no. I know what gear I want and when. I know when I want a shutter to release, and that’s why I just pressed the shutter release. Now sometimes this is fine and you get a quick shot. Other times you catch it snoozing/’thinking’, and have the sort of delay common on early digital cameras. For sports and nature photography this is hopeless.

And so, it is now on eBay, and I have a lovely, small but reliable Canon 750. Oh and a Sigma 18-50.

PS despite what Jacob Rees Mog says, there’s nothing wrong with a , followed be ‘and’!

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